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NWM Electronic Offering – Our Rates Credentials

NWM Rates e Credentials

We’re one of the top Rates dealers on Tradeweb, Bloomberg and MTS BondVision and we can support you with our exceptional electronic offering and our experienced Sales team with extensive knowledge of Rates products and platforms.



GBP Swaps

#1 dealer on Bloomberg and #2 and Tradeweb (to date* delta)

14.4% combined market share on Tradeweb & Bloomberg (YTD* delta)

>96% quote rate across all products – exceeds top quartile averages


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#2 dealer on Tradeweb and Bloomberg (to date* delta)

16.4% combined GBP ILB market share on Tradeweb and Bloomberg (to date* delta)

95% quote rate on Bloomberg (to date*)

9.2% combined market share on Tradeweb and Bloomberg (to date* delta)

Fast quote response which exceeds platform averages



 [Gilts 1 Pager]



EUR Swaps

#12 dealer on Tradeweb and Bloomberg (to date* non-list delta)

2.6% executed delta market share on Tradeweb and 1.7% on Bloomberg (to date* non-list)

85.5% quote rate vs 69.9% market average on Tradeweb (to date* non-list delta)

6.3 sec average response time (Tradeweb to date*)



[EUR Swaps 1 Pager]




#13 overall for EGBs on Tradeweb and Bloomberg (to date* delta)

2.7% combined market share across Tradeweb, Bloomberg and BondVision (to date* delta)

1.3 second average time-to-quote on Tradeweb (to date*)



[EGB 1 Pager]



USD Swaps and UST

1% market share on Tradeweb for UST (to date* delta)

0.35 seconds UST response time on Tradeweb, 10 times faster than market average (to date*)

94% quote rate on Tradeweb for UST (to date*), exceeding market average by more than 10%




#10 dealer on Tradeweb for SEK swaps (to date* delta)




(*) period considered 1 July 2021 to 31 January 2022


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